Congregational Care

From health related seminars, managing medical conditions, to pastoral care, the Abundance Life Ministries of First Presbyterian Church works hard to provide healthy activities and programs to maintain the physical, mental, and emotional health of our congregation. Check out our health related educational programs, support groups, and activities for good health. For additional information on these ministries, please contact Denise Ellis, RN, Parish Health Nurse.


 Hurricane Season Begins JUNE 1! Be Prepared . . .





For more information, visit Horry County Emergency Management Website


Tips from Parish Health Nurse

One of the first things to do in being prepared for a disaster in our area is to make a plan and assemble a disacter kit in advance. Discuss and choose a place to meet up with your family and if possible, have a place selected inadvance of where you will stay in the event of an evacuation. As phone service of often the first utility to be down due to wind, share this information with family and friends along with contact information for the place you plan to stay.

If you have PETS, call the shelter, motel, etc. and be certain you can being them along. Red Cross Shelters DO NOT take pets!

Prepare to evacuate! You'll need your valuables, medications, important papers, and photo IDs, return passes (something to verify your residency). Know your evacuation route. Horry County will change lane directions to help prevent traffic congestions during an evacuation.

If you know of anyone that lives alone, check on them and see if they have evacuation plans.