Congregational Care

From health related seminars, managing medical conditions, to pastoral care, the Abundance Life Ministries of First Presbyterian Church works hard to provide healthy activities and programs to maintain the physical, mental, and emotional health of our congregation. Check out our health related educational programs, support groups, and activities for good health. For additional information on these ministries, please contact Denise Ellis, RN, Parish Health Nurse.


 Hurricane Season Begins JUNE 1! Be Prepared . . .





For more information, visit Horry County Emergency Management Website


Tips from Parish Health Nurse

One of the first things to do in being prepared for a disaster in our area is to make a plan on where to meet up with your immediate family and where you'll go if you have to evacuate. My personal experience with a minor tornado in Myrtle Beach that we had several years ago was that all telephone communication was out. No landlines, nor any cell towers were functioning. I could not contact my spouse.  With that in mind, we have now decided where we would try to meet, but we also have an alternative meeting location. Also, we have called an out of town relative to ask if we could come to their home in an emergency situation, and we also let our immediate out-of-town family know of that location, along with the telephone number.