Adult Sunday School Opportunities

We offer many study and fellowship opportunities for Adult. Whether you are a member, visitor, or friend, we hope you'll join us and take part in the programs, events, worship services, studies, or mission projects offered at FPC. If you have questions about our Adult Sunday School program, please contact Marian Shelton, Director of Christian Education, or call the church office, 843.448.4496. Sunday School Brochure.

All classes meet @ 10:00 AM, Kings Campus


Room 204
Marsha Lawson
Rod & Karen Madert
A diverse group of singles and couples, ages 40 and up that engage
in Christian book studies and lively conversation
"Making Sense of the Bible"
by Rev. Adam Hamilton
Room 210
Harry & Ann Campbell
Ronald Hendrix
A community of faith engaged in lively conversation about 21st century
Christianity. We welcome diverse opinions while providing a "safe place"
where questions can be raised without judgmental responses.
CURRENT STUDY: "The 4th Gospel: Living the Question"
by JS Spong
Parlor, 2nd flr
Team Led
Bill Keller (contact)
Conversation and Bible Study to anchor your week and enrich your
way. Come and enjoy friends!
Adult Bible Studies Curriculum, "The Present Word"
Growing in Faith
Room 208
Kerry & Sherrie Gore
We are growing in faith and leading our children and teenagers
on their own journeys as Christians in today's world. Join us as we open
our Bibles and hearts to what God is saying to us in the moment.
CURRENT STUDY: "The Holy Bible" and Word, Share, Prayer Guide
Room 209
Marion Hoch
Charlie Dougherty
Small group Bible study and round-the-table friendships.
Adult Bible Studies Curriculum, "The Present Word"
Seekers and Sowers
Room 100
Rev. Cam Thomas
Mary Beth Heath
Marian & Michael Shelton
An emerging fellowship of young adults and parents of young
children, focusing on faith and family and the Bible stories our children
need to know!
CURRENT STUDY: "The Holy Bible" & a variety of Bible story books
Room 102
Dr. Howard Hansen
In-depth Bible discussions and wonderful fellowship.
CURRENT STUDY: "The Holy Bible" 
"PTO" Room 110  
In depth Bible discussions and fellowship.