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October 19, 2014

Hold that Thought…

As much as I thoroughly enjoyed my first full year here at First Presbyterian, I must be honest.  Everything, without exception, is easier the second time around!  While there is still a learning curve of sorts, it is nothing like the landing.  When I arrived, it was almost overwhelming-- so much to do and so little time in which to do it!  Today, things are happening at a more normal pace, though the plate is still full.  The real benefit is that I now know what things look like when they happen.  A great example is Heritage Sunday, which is just around the corner.  There is no way I could have pictured the large crowds, the glorious music, the banner procession, and all the rest.  Now, seeing this grand event for the second time, I truly cannot wait to watch it all unfold. 

I hope you will be with us for Heritage Sunday, which will be celebrated at Early Sabbath (October 23) and at both services on the following Sunday (October 26).   On those dates we will give thanks to God for eighty-six years of ministry in this wonderful place.  Every year our heritage becomes more meaningful to us, both with our families and with our friends.  Like earlier celebrations, the banners will be a focal point for these spectacular services.  Bagpipes will march us in and out of worship, once again.  Unlike last year, there will be not be an installation of a minister, nor lunch on the lawn (That special gathering will be on November 9 this year, to celebrate the docking of the Love Boat!).  Two thoughts to think about: first, what a great time of year to celebrate our past and to ponder our future; secondly, what a great time to invite friends and family to join us for this special occasion. 

One final thought invites your assistance.  There will be a photo op station set up throughout the entire morning (after the early service, during the Sunday school hour, before and after the late service).  If you have not had your picture taken for the in-house directory within the last year, please pause for the camera.  The church photo album is not complete without you!  Just look for the signs and offer a quick smile.  Our own Lynn Bastian will be on hand to make this happen.  It will not hurt, I promise.  And it will make your new ministers, and our many members, most grateful!  




     Dr. John C. Brearley

       Senior Minister



  Dr. John C. BrearleyDr.