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November 23, 2014

Hold that Thought…


The Love Boat has returned from it’s voyage.  We want to thank all those that have responded.  This was a huge task and was organized and each port of call was faithfully followed by the Admirals, Captains, and First Mates. 


            Joey & Mary Gene Singleton                       Chuck & Diane Stokes                     Karl & Janet Titus 


       Sandra Bjorklund                    Wanda Broome                      Lisa Buie                       Glenda Connolly

       Donna Dellinger                     Jay Dellinger                          Rob Dumanois               Roz Gentry

       Marian Graham                     Jeri Himmelsbach                    Liz Kelley                      Beverly Kradel

       Martha Morgan                     Lorrie O’Brian                        Sara Quinto                   Jeff Wallen

                                                  Lisa Wallen                           Amy Warner 

First Mates

       Judy Asch                            Bill Asch                              Mary Ann Barron                Marilyn Beach

       Liz Bernaski                          Pat Bethune                          Bob Bethune                      Mac Blythe 

       Nancy Blythe                        Betty Bookhart                     Ashley Borowicz                 Ann Bouknight

       Don Brown                          Bette Bryson                        Kristie Buxton                     Jen Calamari

       Beth Campbell                      Diana Clary                          Fred Clary                          Jeanne Cole

       Catherine Collins                   Chip Cox                             Beth Cutshaw                     George Ann Donevant

       Gloria Dupree                       Nan Eaton                           Gail Ferguson                      Linda Finklea

       Jim Fite                                Mary Fite                            Cora Gaddy                        Jack Caddy                                 

       Rachel Gandy                       Robbye Gutierrez                 Karen Hawkins                    Miller Hawkins

       Dan Hayes                           Joyce Hayes                        Jared Hendrix                      Meg Hendrix

       Glenn Hine                           Norma Hine                        Marion Hoch                        Billie Hudson

       Doris Hudson                       Kathryn Hudson                  Phil Hudson                         Tim Icard

       Susan Johnston                    Hal Kendrick                       Marva Lackey                      Judy Langfit

       Ann Laughinghouse              Christine Mace                    Raymond Mace                    Kristin Mayhew

       Claudia McCollough              Betsy Miller                        Dick Miller                          Nancy Minter

       Bob Moore                           Sue Mozingo                      Sherrie Neely                       Diane P’Pool

       Karen Prickett                      Frances Rasheed                 Lisa Rogers                         Young Ross

       Becky Sanders                     Tom Satterfield                   Sylvia Satterfield                  Vic Schoolfield

       Vickie Scott                         Sylvia Selby                        Doris Sell                            Jon Sell

        Ronnie Small                       Ron Sorrell                         Sue Sorrell                          Lucyanne Sumner

        Sharon Thompson                Ed Tisdale                          Sue Tisdale                         Peggy Van Veen

        Kathy Vaughn                      Ellie Vilarino                        Ginny Ward                        Jim Ward

        Lou Watson                         Janice Webster                    Caren Whittier                     Walt Whittier 


P.S. If you have not had the opportunity to fill out a pledge card for 2015, please do so.  Cared and envelopes are located in the pews and the offices.  Simply mail or place in the offering plates.  Thanks!  





     Dr. John C. Brearley

       Senior Minister



  Dr. John C. BrearleyDr.