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August 30, 2015


Hold That Thought… 


Someone asked the other day if there were any rhyme or reason as to how I write my newsletter articles.  The answer is yes and no.  My format is intended to be fluid, or free flowing.  In my mind, I simply imagine writing a note to you on a weekly basis.  Most of the time the intent is simply to share things that are happening in the life of the church or community. Let me illustrate by a few timely examples. 

Sometimes I reflect on something large that has just happened within the church.  This week is it most appropriate to say a huge THANK YOU to all the folks who made RALLY DAY so wonderful.  What a great day it was for our children, youth, and adults.  The program in the Fellowship Hall demonstrated that there is something for everyone at First Presbyterian this fall.  The energy and enthusiasm that filled the room and the morning was contagious.  Many people spoke of what a special church school year we are going to have together. No doubt we are off to a great start! 

More often than not, I prefer to write about things that are going to happen rather than events that have already taken place.  My goal is to help you be informed and engaged with upcoming events.  Good communication, found throughout the newsletter and on the website, is essential to meaningful involvement.  There are so many good programs and opportunities that are waiting for all of us.  Putting these events on our calendars and in our plans is worth the effort. 

One of the real reasons I write this page is to share exciting news of the day.  Today, this information is “hot off the press,” literally.  As you know, the Education Search Team has been looking for our next Director of Family Ministries.  In recent weeks the team has reviewed resumes, held interviews, checked references, and even brought a leading candidate to town for a visit.  When it became apparent that the search was not finished, the team wisely decided to call a part-time Interim Director.  With great excitement I can tell you that our own Kristie Buxton has agreed to help us through this transition.  Kristie will be working some 15 hours per week this busy fall, keeping us organized and supported in the area of Children’s Ministry.  While her schedule will be posted soon, Kristie is eager to get started on Wednesday, September 2.  Feel free to contact her at Kristie.buxton@gmail.com or at (843) 408-1330. 

Of course, not every week has such exciting news.  On weeks that do not need such communication (or when other staff have covered the main topics), you may not hear from me.  Conversely, when something seems so significant that we want everyone to hear the same information, my article may run for an additional week or two.  Reading the same material more than once seems better than not seeing it all.  Thanks for letting me share on a regular basis!






 Dr. John C. Brearley

Senior Minister