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February 14, 2016


Hold That Thought…  

Our recent Session meeting capped one of the busiest Januarys I can ever remember.  We will look back one day and realize just how important these recent days have been.  Here are just a few of the highlights.  First, we approved a great budget for 2016!  Built on the momentum of one of the strongest financial Decembers in years (in which we received 100% of the 2015 budget), we entered the New Year with a small surplus.  Combine this generosity with an effort to control expenses, as well as a successful Love Boat Campaign, and the result is a balanced budget that moves us forward.  In fact, the framework for this budget is one that will carry us well into the future.  You are to be commended for making this feat possible.  Well done! 

And there is more exciting news on the way.  We are literally days away from signing contracts and letters of intent with both a General Contractor and an Architectural Team that will build the next phase of our Grissom Campus!!  Pause for a moment to breathe in this reality.  Plans are now falling into place that will allow us to create a timeline for construction.  In short, this spring we will present final details and vote to build, and early this summer we should be able to break ground on the new facility.  If all goes well, Lord willing, we should be moving dirt by the beginning of school in August! 

Hand-in-hand with this news comes serious interest in the Kings Campus.  As the community learns of the transition that we are now entering, there is a growing probability of selling the property.  If any of these conversations turn into a final contract, our congregation will vote to complete the agreement.  Proceeds from the sale, whenever it occurs, will be used as part of the budget for construction at Grissom.  Please be in prayer that God will continue to be present in this process.  The Spirit is at work, for sure. 

Finally, January proved to be a time when many new members joined our fellowship.  These persons bring energy, excitement, and experience to First Presbyterian.  Please welcome them, one and all, inviting them to share their gifts with you in mission and ministry.  And, most importantly, please invite others that you know to join us on this journey of faith together! 

The last words on this page are a personal invitation.  Our daughter, Lauren Brearley, and Spencer Benton will be married at First Presbyterian on Saturday, February 27, at 4:30 PM.  While our reception venue has limited capacity, we want to make sure that our church family is included in the wedding ceremony.  If you would like to join Lauren and Spencer for this worship service, held in the sanctuary on the Kings Campus, we would welcome your presence.  What a special day it will be for the Brearley and Benton families!





 Dr. John C. Brearley

Senior Minister