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April 20, 2014

Hold that Thought… 

Once we have made our way to the entrance of the tomb and discovered that it is empty, our lives are never, ever the same.  That Christ is risen becomes much more than the message of Easter morning.  The good news we proclaim this weekend becomes a reality that shapes the rest of our lives.  Each day we are greeted by a grace that gives us joy and purpose.  In this sense, every worship service is a celebration of Easter.  Thursday nights and Sunday mornings are opportunities to offer praise. 

So let me share my excitement about this coming weekend.  If any music seems appropriate for the week after Easter, it is jazz.  Jazz invites us to find expression in music that moves us from one place to another.  By definition, this style takes the broadest canvas (the love of God in Christ) and paints specific strokes (about our daily lives).  If you do not believe this happens in a powerful way, come and experience the moment.  On Thursday, April 24, at our Early Sabbath worship, and again for our Sunday morning services on April 27, the gift of jazz will touch our hearts.  The guest quartet on hand will surely lift the souls of each and all.  Together we will feel the Spirit move!  And our lives will be blessed by a different beat! 

As announced last Sunday, the Session has called an exciting congregational meeting for Sunday morning, April 27, at 10:50 in the sanctuary.  The purpose is to hear a partial report from the Pastor Nominating Committee and to act upon its recommendation.  Last November you elected the PNC and charged them with the task of calling two associate pastors for our congregation.  At this meeting the team of twelve will unanimously and enthusiastically offer the name of one of these persons for your approval.  While this person will serve in all areas of church life, the primary focus will be youth, young adults, and mission.  The search for the other associate continues with several outstanding candidates on the horizon. 

Please be in prayer for your PNC and for the persons God is calling to lead us forward. 




   Dr. John C. Brearley

       Senior Minister



  Dr. John C. BrearleyDr.