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January 22, 2017


Hold That Thought…                  



How great it is to be putting these words into print!  And to be moving dirt on the Grissom Campus!  When we had our ground breaking ceremony back in late August, we fully expected this announcement to follow in late October.  But we all know the best laid plans are often interrupted—in this case by rising construction costs, slight modifications to design, the tedious permitting process, a Hurricane named Matthew, and the Christmas holidays. 

But our Building Team was undaunted!  They worked hard to turn these obstacles into opportunities.  They made good decisions that ensure the quality of the final product.  Their goal has been to make sure that this project is done the right way, as Chair Joe Jumper has said from the beginning.  I think you will be most pleased with the final results!  For now, continue to pray for this effort, especially for all who will be working on this exciting construction phase.  And now for the inconvenience. 

AS OF MONDAY, JANUARY 16, THE FRONT DRIVE ON GRISSOM PARKWAY WILL BE CLOSED.  This entrance will be reserved for construction purposes only, re-opening when the project is completed.  All access to the Grissom Campus will be by Rhonda Brown Way, the side street that runs past the fire station on 38th Avenue.  All activities that occur at Grissom will continue throughout construction.  Special attention has been given to access and safety for the Growing Tree and for Early Sabbath Worship.  Please follow signs to locations and avoid all fenced areas.  Note that the right office entrance to Grissom will remain open, while the front entrance into the Narthex of Wilkes Hall will be closed.  Hold on to your hard hat… here we go!

Representatives from Dargan Construction and C. L. Benton & Sons discuss final plans to begin construction with Joe Jumper (right), Building Committee Chair.




Senior Minister