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January 25, 2015


           Hold that Thought...

 In all of my years of ministry, I can never remember a Sunday when the hymns fit more perfectly the message of the morning.  I would love to tell you that the close connection was the result of great planning, but that is not the case.  Yes, we spend quality time coordinating all parts of worship so that they fit into a central theme.  That happens every week.  But there was something special about this past Sunday.   In no way can anyone who worked on last week’s bulletin take credit for the divine coincidence that took place.  No doubt the Spirit was at work! 

Take, for example, the first hymn of our service.  On a Sunday when we were remembering our purpose-- that of serving Christ in this community— in the context of our capital campaign theme, “Build The Vision,” these two verses captured our attention: 

     	Long years have come and gone, and still God reigns supreme,
     	Empowering us to catch the vision, dream the dream! 

     	Let courage be our friend, let wisdom be our guide,
     	As we in mission magnify the Crucified!

That, my friends, is the only reason we are building the next phase of our Grissom Campus.  We believe that being on one campus—one that allows us to grow in number and in spirit—will enable us to be more effective and efficient witnesses for Christ.  That is our goal, now and always. 

Before us today is the call to commitment.  The vision becomes a reality only as we offer our best efforts for this cause.  We have the resources necessary to move forward, if only we are willing to step out in faith.  If we expect others to carry the load, the burden will be too great.  If we do what God has enabled each of us to do, the result will be great, indeed.  As you consider what commitment God is calling you to make, be inspired by the closing hymn we sang together: 

	Come, great God of all the ages, make your earthly mission known;
	Speak through every deed and person, let your way and will be shown.
	Guide the church to true commitment, give direction now, we ask;
	Fit us for the work of building, dedicate us to the task. 





     Dr. John C. Brearley

       Senior Minister



 Dr. John C. BrearleyDr.