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October 23, 2016


Hold That Thought… 

If you happened to miss worship this past weekend, let me recount what took place.  As part of our worship services, we invited some of our local mission partners to come and share the work they do in our community.  We could not have been more impressed!  These representatives told us about the services available to persons of all ages.  The range of impact includes medical needs, human necessities, and counseling services.  The number of lives affected is beyond belief.  How blessed we are to be a part of these ministries, each and every day.  Through the generosity of our church and the efforts of our volunteers, we join these partners in making a difference for the sake of Jesus Christ. 

This local mission emphasis is the right context in which we launch the Love Boat.   As you likely know, this vessel is the means by which we gather financial commitments for the coming year.  The Log Book of this ship will dock at your door at some point during the coming days.  Please read the instruction materials and fill out your pledge card prayerfully.  The responses we make will determine the quality of ministry and mission we have here at First Presbyterian. 

Emil Brunner, a highly regarded Swiss Reformed theologian, spoke often about the church finding its purpose in the larger community.  Brunner once said that “the church exists by mission as a fire exists by burning.”  The primary reason we exist, he suggests, is to serve those in need.  My hope for this stewardship season is for us to look beyond the walls of our church.  I want us to be generous with our God-given resources so that we can truly enhance the lives of those in need. 

It is tempting to see our annual budget as a means to maintain the life of the church.  The numbers on the pages do pay the bills, for sure.  But more and more I have come to realize that the budget of our church allows us to do much of our mission.  Yes, we serve with our hands, as well.  But what we give to God is a sure sign of our commitment to Christ’s mission.  For it is in this mission that we find our life, for the sake of those we serve… in this community… and beyond. 

Please make your pledge in hope that God will bless both the giver and the gift!







Rev. Dr. John C. Brearley

    Senior Minister