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August 21, 2016


Hold That Thought… 

How do you define an historical moment?  Sometimes the significance of an event is realized long after it occurs.  At other times you sense that something memorable is about to happen before the event takes place.   Such is the case for us this Sunday, August 21, as we break ground for our new facilities on the Grissom Campus.  We know that what we do this day is the culmination of many years of hard work.  We know this groundbreaking event will impact our church for many years to come.  Somehow in this very moment—the turning of dirt to begin construction—the past and the future come together in a special way.  And the memory that happens is not soon to be forgotten. 

This past week I happened upon the picture that is included here.  It seemed appropriate that I share it with you today.  In some ways, this image puts our historical day in perspective.  Here are representatives of First Presbyterian gathered in 1947 to break ground for the Sanctuary on the Kings Campus.  What a significant day that was in the life of our church!  Few individual moments have been more meaningful for our congregation.  

My sense is that one day we will look back and realize that what we do this Sunday will seem much the same.  Even now, we believe that God is doing something special in our midst.  Make sure that you enjoy this moment, breathing in deeply the significance of which you are a part!







 Dr. John C. Brearley

Senior Minister