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May 29, 2016


Hold That Thought… 

As I write this newsletter it is 4:15 in the morning.  Yes, I cannot sleep!  And for good reason... It is with sleepless excitement that I share this update. 

This past Monday was a landmark day in the life of our church.  Two critical meetings about our capital campaign took place.  Both put their enthusiastic approval on this amazing process.  The first meeting was a review of the architectural design and the estimated cost of construction.  We went through the budget line-by-line, looking for any possible cuts that would not change the integrity of the project.  After much detailed discussion it was determined that we can afford this plan! 

Later that evening the Session met to hear the full report.  The response of the elders was as exciting as I have witnessed in many years.  Their joyful expressions and positive comments were off the chart!  With great relief and much gratitude they fully endorsed the path forward.  Here is the brief timeline for our most exciting summer: 

               May 22—Gift Announcement From The Chapin Foundation (11:00 Service)

               June 1—Final Mailing To All Members

       June 30—Final Pledge Deadline From All Members

July 10—Congregational Meeting To Approve Construction Finances (10:30              

                  In The Sanctuary)

August 21—Groundbreaking Rally Day At The Grissom Campus!                                             

 There is no doubt that God’s Spirit is at work.  The information you will receive this coming week is the culmination of a long journey.  That we have done so together is a testimony to your faithfulness.  That we have been led to these final plans is a testimony to God’s faithfulness. 

One last request—please read our final mailing as though you were reading it for the first time.  Sense the excitement of the artistic and architectural renderings.  Hear the significant financial challenge that is ours during this final month.  Respond with your God-given resources in order to enhance our mission, in this community and around the world.  Be generous now for the sake of many generations. 

My goal for the next few weeks is to report our push to the finish line.  Each week’s article will focus on some aspect of the final month of this campaign.  To date we are at 83% of our 11.5 million dollar budget to build.  We are currently just two million dollars away from completing this campaign.  The goal is now truly within our grasp!  Thanks be to God!




 Dr. John C. Brearley

Senior Minister