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February 19, 2017


Hold That Thought…                  

As many of you may know, our dear friend and colleague Mike Cettei needed to step down from his role as Business Manager.  He did so for medical reasons.  Mike did a great job in running our operations and caring for our staff.  In fact, he was so well loved that we were in no hurry to fill the vacancy left by his absence.  But there was a bigger plan taking place.  Sometimes God is at work in ways beyond what we can imagine.  Without even looking, we were led to the person who will now serve our church in this capacity.  

Let me introduce to you, Steve Moore, who is pictured at his desk during his first day on the job!  Steve retired from the City of Myrtle Beach just over a year ago.  While serving as Street Superintendent, he oversaw large projects, supervised many staff members, and worked closely with budget matters.  In short, Steve did for the city what he is now going to be doing for the church.  And, according to references, he did his work exceptionally well.  All describe Steve as a caring person with an out-going personality, as well as someone who loves to help others succeed.

Working mostly mornings for us in this half-time position, Steve will still find time to enjoy his hobbies—playing golf, working in the yard, strumming his guitar, and spending time with family.  Speaking of family, you may have guessed from his last name that Steve is the father of our own Bree Moore, who is Director of Digital Marketing.  Both are excited to share this wonderful workplace! 

Changing the subject, construction at Grissom is off to a great start.  One small item to note is that, unfortunately, we had to take down more trees than we intended.  Several of the trees we had planned to keep were deemed unhealthy by outside sources.  Of course, we will re-plant abundantly as part of the landscape plan.

Happy (Belated) Valentines Day! 


Senior Minister