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March 29, 2015


           Hold That Thought...




Over the last few weeks there has been a good faith attempt to contact our membership with this vital message for the future of our church.  While many of our members were visited in person, some packets had to be mailed.  A handful of folks have been next to impossible to find!  Our goal from the beginning has been to have everyone informed and everyone in prayer.  Still, by now, most of you have received the simple and informative booklet that describes the campaign.  Everything you need to know is included there, including the all important pledge card. 

If you have not received the booklet, please forgive.  And please help us put one in your hands.  These brochures are available in both offices, as well as at the entrances for Early Sabbath and Sunday morning worship services.  Or, if you prefer, you can simply call the church (843-448-4496) and request that one be put in the mail to you.  This campaign is truly not complete without your opportunity to respond! 

Many of us have shared faithful conversations over the last few weeks.  Now is the time for all of us to make our commitments and turn in our responses.  The goal is for our pledge cards to be returned to the church by Wednesday, April 8.  Simply put them in the mail or place them in the offering plates.  While it will not be possible to have all cards in by then (and we know that a few people are unable to contribute), we certainly want to include your gift.  On Sunday, April 12, we will celebrate our collective commitment at Jazz Sunday—both services on that Sunday will be at the Grissom Campus, with Lunch on the Lawn at noon.  Come casually dressed and prepare to celebrate with your church family!! 

Please know how grateful we are for your generosity.  My plan is that when the dust settles on this campaign, I will take time to sign a personal letter to each person and family who was able to make a financial commitment.  For now, simply be assured that your faithful efforts are greatly appreciated!    




 P. S.  As you make your plans for Holy Week that is now upon us, please note our multiple worship services.  On Maundy Thursday, April 2, we will have our normal service for Early Sabbath (6:00) AND our special musical presentation at the Kings Sanctuary (7:30).  Both services will have communion.  On Easter morning, April 5, we will have three opportunities for worship- 8:30, 9:45 & 11:00.  Please come to the earliest service that fits your Easter schedule.  Thanks!

     Dr. John C. Brearley

       Senior Minister



 Dr. John C. BrearleyDr.