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 Weekly Bulletin 

May 28, 2017


Hold That Thought…   AN UPDATE ON THE KINGS CAMPUS               

Please allow me to share a most interesting development in our transition to the Grissom Campus.  As you most likely know, this process began more than fifteen years ago when our church bought nineteen beautiful acres for the new facility.  From that time forward it was understood that one day we would sell our building and two parking lots at the Kings Campus.  The funds received would be used for construction.  In short, proceeds from the old sanctuary would allow the building of the new sanctuary. 

Today I can tell you that we have taken a first serious step in the possible sale of the Kings Campus.  Our Session recently received a Letter of Intent for this purpose.  Impact Ministries, a local Christian mission at Myrtle Beach for many years, is now in the process of raising three million dollars for the purchase.  While this letter expresses significant and serious interest, it is not legally binding upon either party.  Once funds are secured (over the next several months), a contract for sale could then be finalized. 

Two important details suggest the working relationship between Impact Ministries and First Presbyterian.  Upon request, we have agreed to house their six summer interns for the next ten weeks.  These young adults will stay in two designated rooms for sleeping and have use of shower facilities.  Almost all of their meals will be provided at other locations.  Note as well, that if a sale is completed in the future, our church would then lease back needed space until our new campus is finished.  Our request today is that you be in prayer for this process. 

Finally, our month long emphasis on the Capital Campaign is drawing to conclusion.  If you have not had an opportunity to make a pledge or gift to this campaign, please consider doing so now.  We are currently under four million dollars needed to complete the total cost of the Grissom Campus.  (This number already includes the future sale of the Kings Campus.)  You may fill out the form received in the mail, go online, or contact Diana Farrell in our financial office at (843) 448-4496.  

Thank you for your response by May 31, if possible.  May God continue to bless our most faithful efforts to this end.



Senior Minister