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September 21, 2014

Hold that Thought… 


Two events happened last week that will significantly shape the life of our church.  First, architect Allen Freeman, our Master Planner, came to town to listen to our congregation share ideas about the expansion of the Grissom Campus.  What happened next truly caught me by surprise.  I had no clue as to how many members would come to the event.  When over 125 folks filled the seats in Wilkes Hall, I was floored.  Even more impressive was the spirit in which the meeting took place.  Everyone expressed excitement about the project, pointing out areas of interest that deserve special attention.  Together we covered every topic imaginable.  Together we heard Allen share thoughts that make great sense for our church.  All of us felt the energy of the evening! 

Following the meeting, the Vision Team gathered with Allen to discuss details that came from the discussion.  And the excitement continued to build.  What we realized, almost without saying it, is that all of these ideas fit together well.  Having looked at possibilities for several weeks, the team is beginning to see what the picture really looks like.  Call it a clear vision, if you like!  What I liked most was a comment by Allen later at dinner that same night.  He said that having conducted such church-wide conversations for more than forty years, he had never seen one that went any better than ours!  High praise from a person who is most pleased with the work we are doing.  When the Master Plan is ready for viewing, you will be the first to know... 

The other significant event is the call of our other Associate Pastor, Christa Brewer.  There is a nice booklet floating around that is a great read about Christa—including her life story, her faith journey, and her full endorsement from the PNC.  Look for it in print or online.  Two or three things stand out about this outstanding candidate.  Christa is extremely bright.  She was graduated from Stanford University and Princeton Theological Seminary.  More importantly, Christa is extremely personable.  She enjoys everyone she meets, having genuine interest in the diversity of our lives.  Best of all, Christa feels called to the work we need her to do with us.  She has experience in the exact same job description that she fulfills for us—pastoral care, spiritual formation, small group ministries, and fellowship activities.  We cannot wait for her to arrival on board November 1.  On that day we will be fully staffed for the first time in years.  I hope you are as grateful as I am… 

Finally, as I mentioned at the Congregational Meeting, the full intention is to continue the working relationship we have with our two very important part-time ministers, Dr. Howard Hansen and Rev. Judy Cettei.  Their titles may change slightly (to that of Parish Associates), but their work will remain the same.  For that we are most grateful! Peace,                                                      


     Dr. John C. Brearley

       Senior Minister



  Dr. John C. BrearleyDr.