Frequently Asked Questions

Are You a First Time Visitor to First Presbyterian Church Myrtle Beach? We Invite you to experience our church. Please see the helpful information below.

Children & Baptism
How can I help with children's programs?
Contact Macy Cottom 843.448.4496

What Children's Ministry Programs do you have?
Contact Macy Cottom 843.448.4496   ~   View Children's Ministries web pages

Who do I call regarding the Nursery or Childcare?
Contact Macy Cottom 843.448.4496

Who do I call with birth announcements or to schedule my child's Baptism?
Contact Kathleen Wilder 843.448.4496

Who do I talk to regarding the Preschool & Kindergarden?
Contact Summer Butler 843.946.6020

Financial Info
How do I give property, stocks, etc to the church?
Contact Diana Farrell 843.448.4496

How do I include the church in my will?
Contact Diana Farrell 843.448.4496

How do I set up or send a donation for a memorial?
Contact Diana Farrell 843.448.4496

Who do I call concerning my pledge or giving to the church?
Contact Diana Farrell 843.448.4496

General Info
How can I reserve equipment for a class meeting?
Contact Bree Moore 843.448.4496

How can my group plan an event or a meeting at the church?
Contact our business administrator 843.448.4496

How do I get an announcement (for church programs only) in the newsletter?
Contact Debra Jones 843.448.4496   ~   Additional information

How do I join the church?
Please remain after the worship service and speak to an Elder or Minister OR Contact Rev. Judith Cettei 843.448.4496

How do I register for a class or event?
Contact LuAnne Martini, 843.946.6038

How do I schedule something on the church calendar?
Members: Debra Jones 843.448.4496 ~ Non-members/Outside organizations, please call our business administrator 843.448.4496

Moving? Changing address, phone number or e-mail address?
Contact Kathleen Wilder 843.448.4496 OR Email US!

What are the church office hours?
Monday - Thursday 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Friday 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM (Grissom Campus); 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM (Kings Campus)

Who would I call or talk to regarding building and grounds problems?
Contact our business administrator 843.448.4496

How do I find out about Adult Christian Education opportunities?
Contact Rev. Christa Brewer 843.448.4496   ~   View Adult Education Opportunities programs

How do I find out information regarding circle meetings & women of the church functions?
Check out our Presbyterian Women web page or call the church office 843.448.4496

When and where do weekly Bible studies meet?
Click here to view a list of our Bible Study offerings

Do we collect food and clothing for community organizations?
Yes! Contact Rev. Cam Thomas or call our church office, 843.448.4496 for details.

How can I get involved in local outreach programs?
Contact Rev. Cam Thomas or call our church office, 843.448.4496 for details. 

Who do I contact regarding FPC Mission Trips?
Contact Rev. Cam Thomas 843.448.4496

Music & Choir
How do find out about choir opportunities for children and youth?
Contact Skip Yingling 843.448.4496   ~   View Childrens Music

How do I find out about FPC Concerts, Inc. or Promenades?
View FPC Concerts web page

How do I get involved in ringing Handbells?
Contact Skip Yingling 843.448.4496

How do I get involved in the adult choir?
Contact Brown Bradley 843.448.4496

Who do I call to help provide musical leadership for Early Sabbath worship?
Contact Skip Yingling 843.448.4496

Who do I contact to audition as a soloist or instrumentalist?
Contact Brown Bradley 843.448.4496

Opportunities to Serve
How can I sign up to Usher?
Please call the church office 843.448.4496 OR Email Us!

How can I volunteer at First Presbyterian Church?
We'd love to have you!! Please call our church office 843.448.4496 or Email us!

Prayer & Pastoral Care
How do I arrange a funeral or a memorial service?
Contact Kathleen Wilder 843.448.4496 or one of our Ministers

How do I get an appointment with Dr. Brearley?
Contact Kathleen Wilder 843.448.4496

How do I put someone on the prayer chain?
Contact Kathleen Wilder 843.448.4496. Submit your prayer request

How do I report a hospitalization or an illness?
Contact Kathleen Wilder or Denise Ellis, RN 843.448.4496

To whom do I report a death?
Contact the church office, Kathleen Wilder 843.448.4496, or one of our Ministers

Who do I contact to request a Stephen Minister?
Contact Rev. Christa Brewer 843.448.4496

Who do I talk to if I need help or assistance?
Contact Rev. Cam Thomas 843.448.4496

Who do I talk to regarding Deacon information?
Contact Rev. Christa Brewer 843.448.4496

How do I schedule a Wedding?
Contact Kathleen Wilder 843.448.4496

How do I get a copy of a sermon or a worship service?
Check our our Sermon Media Archives page or call the church office 843.448.4496

Who do I talk to about putting flowers in the Sanctuary?
Please call the church office 843.448.4496

Youth Ministry
How do I find out about Youth activities?
Contact Rev Cam Thomas 843.448.4496   ~ View Youth webpages