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LOGOS Ministry (Includes K-Club)


LOGOS Registration 2016.2017                                                                                                              Volunteer Application

LOGOS is a four-part ministry integrated within a nurturing environment of Christian relationships for FPC members and those seeking to make FPC their church home. We invite everyone to read about LOGOS, pray about your participation in this ministry, and for the success of this exciting program. We believe that nothing is more important than a saving relationship with God through Jesus Christ and that we should all seek to be His disciples. The LOGOS ministry focuses this belief on the nurture of children and youth — helping them to develop into life-long believers and practicing disciples of Jesus Christ. The LOGOS Ministry strongly supports the commitment that each of us is a Child of God and should be treated with the kind of respect, love, and support that is expected by God’s Great Commandment. At the heart of a weekly LOGOS ministry are the Christian relationships that truly connect people and energize the nurturing of young people. In today’s world, LOGOS can offer young people the chance to enjoy a truly different experience…kingdom of God living.


The Four parts of Logos


Choir/Worship Skills
During Sunshine Choir (grades 1 & 2) & Chorister Choir (grades 3, 4 & 5) participants: Learn about worship, prepare to lead worship services, are taught how to use their singing voices, play chimes, handbells & a variety of instruments, learn how to use the hymnal, and explore the joy of making music together!
Sunshine Choir: 4:00 - 4:40, Chorister: 4:45 - 5:25

The goal of recreation play is to experience great fun at no one’s expense. Recreation is our time to build relationships as we have fun sharing interests, hobbies, crafts and games with each other and with many adults from our congregation.

Table Time
Table Time is our practice arena for what we learn throughout LOGOS. We celebrate relationships as the family of God around the table with a meal, conversation, and intergenerational friendships. Meals are served "family style", with children taking turns as "Hoppers and Moppers", serving and clearing the table. One or two adult “Table Hosts” dine with the same group of children for several weeks, building relationships, having fun, and reinforcing basic table manners. Weekly themes include March Madness, Italian Night, Birthday Blast, and more.
Table Time: 5:30

Bible Time
What is learned in Bible Study is taken with us everywhere. Children meet in grade-level groups to learn what the Bible says about who God is and who we are as Children of God. Teachers work in pairs, adhering to First Presbyterian’s Child Protection Policy.


Logos requirements
  1. Parental commitment to all aspects of LOGOS

  2. Parental attendance at a commitment meeting as part of child’s registration

  3. Commitment from parent(s) or guardian(s) to assist in some part of LOGOS

  4. Child's weekly participation in all FOUR components of LOGOS

  5. Fee payment to offset costs of meals, curriculum & materials


Drop-off doors open @ 3:30 PM; Pick up @ 6:30 PM.

For questions, participation requirements, or to volunteer, contact Karen Prickett, 843.448.4496.



K-Club is designed for FPC kindergardeners. K-Club meets from 4:00 — 6:30 PM during the winter semester only. As a class, children enjoy Bible story time, arts & crafts, playtime, and games. K-Clubbers join LOGOS children in the Fellowship Hall for dinner at 5:30, participate in the weekly activity and share fellowship with LOGOS children in grades 1-5. K-Club ends after dinner at 6:30 PM. Pick-up is located at the portico drive up.


K-Club fee is $65, to offset the cost of twelve dinners, snacks, crafts, and curriculum.
K-Club is held with an eight participant minimum.

Contact Karen Prickett, Co-Director of LOGOS, 843.251.4552, for Parent Connection Meeting Schedule

  1. Completed registration form
  2. Submit registration form and a copy of your insurance card
  3. Attach your $65 registration payment
  4. Include a Completed Volunteer Application and Consent to Background Check (in not previously completed).



All LOGOS Ministries fall under the GenOn Ministries umbrella. Learn more about GenOn Ministries.