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Thank you for visiting! This page will contain all the information you need to know regarding the planned expansion of the Myrtle Beach First Presbyterian Church Grissom Campus. Please visit back often as we will be making frequent updates.


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Updates from Senior Minister, Dr. John Brearley

Elizabeth Benton ~ Stuart Butler ~ Jan Conrad
Chip Cox ~ Marian Graham ~ Roger Grigg
Gary Hadwin ~ Larry Hartsell ~ Ronald Hendrix 
Mike Hogan ~ Danny Isaac ~ Joe Jumper
Jim McCrackin ~ Gary Pell
Mary Kate Powell ~ Elizabeth Springs
Michael Shelton ~ Jeff Wallen ~ Becky Warren
Tom Whitaker ~ Dr. John Brearley

     Final Building Plans (June 2016)

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Construction Is Starting

January 16, 2017

 Beginning Monday, January 16, the driveway on Grissom Parkway will be closed. All entry will be from Rhonda Brown Way (next to the fire station). The front parking lot, as well as the round drop off area at Wilkes Hall entrance, will be closed. All entries  must be made either at the office entrance or in the back at the Growing Tree portico (for evening meetings and entries). Access to Wilkes Hall for daytime meetings needs to be coordinated with FPC staff.


Congregational Meeting

July 16, 2015

The Vision Team presented the revised plan for our building program. With energy and enthusiasm they laid out for us a clear direction. After recounting the history that brought us to this point, and reaffirming the master plan that fits us well, they put the spotlight where it needs to be… on the new sanctuary. Having listened well during this campaign, the team heard a clear message. Now is the time to build the new home for our worship needs.

A large crowd gathered for the meeting and affirmed this path forward. (If you missed the meeting, a video is available - see link below). There was a strong sense that we are now eager to take this next step. For many years we have discussed and designed, preached, and prayed for this day to come. Now it is here. A new sanctuary will allow us to continue and to expand our worship offerings. It will also ensure that the most extensive (and expensive) part our expansion becomes a reality early in the process. Smaller buildings can be added later, once we have the main part of our campus firmly in place!

View the Revised Plan                                     View Presentation Video                                     Questions & Answers



Thursday, July 16 @ 7:OO PM

The Vision Team has met to review our best options for the next building phase of the Grissom Campus. And they could not be more excited! In what turned out to be a pivotal meeting, the team explored many possibilities until one path forward became most obvious. Those in the room were in full agreement. And they cannot wait to share with you their unanimous recommendation… including one or two things that are likely to surprise.

At the next Session Meeting, June 29, our elders will hear the recommendation and offer any revisions that are helpful. Then, at the request of the Vision Team, our Session will call a congregational meeting to hear and to discuss the plan. Please note that there will not be a vote at this meeting. The goal is to hear the recommendation in detail, discuss it at length, and respond accordingly. A final vote would follow in late summer or early fall.

The date was chosen in order to give time to prepare for the presentation, and to allow the second half of the summer for our final Build the Vision commitments. With so many people in out and out of town during this time of year, the team chose a Thursday night for the meeting. On July 16, you may well want to come the Grissom Campus for Early Sabbath worship (6:00) before the Congregational Meeting begins (7:00) in Wilkes Hall. Of course, coming to the meeting only is fine, as well.

The key is to come! The decision before us is incredibly exciting. It is also extremely important in the life of our congregation. We want everyone to hear the revised plan and to voice their views. Together, we are about to do something that will shape our mission and our ministry for years to come. So come… and bring your FPC neighbors and friends with you. Please spread the word so that our entire church family is encouraged to attend. It will be a night to remember, I promise.



April 26, 2015 - Please continue to send in your "Build a Vision" pledge card. If you need a replacement or additional pledge card, please contact Diana Farrell, 843.448.4496. -? --


Campaign Celebration

April 12, 2015 - After weeks of visiting, sharing their enthusiasm, and collecting pledge cards, church officers join the entire congregation in celebration the official conclusion of "Build the Vision" campaign. Updates were given during Sunday worship services, today, April 12 which were held on the Grissom Campus. A wonderful picnic lunch was served at 12:30 on the lawn at Grissom. Financial accounting and collection of pledges will continue over the next several weeks. Check back for updates.


"In Full Swing"

April 6, 2015

Church officers (Elders and Deacons) continue their enthusiasm of "Build the Vision" campaign as they revisit, answer questions, and collect pledge cards. This Sunday, April 12, the campaign celebrates it's "official" close during our "Jazz In Worship" services and a picnic lunch on the lawn following the 11:00 AM worship service. Both worship and the picnic will be held on the Grissom Campus.


"And They're OFF"

Week of March 8, 2015

Church officers (Elders and Deacons) began calling on every church family and asking for a few moments to stop by for a brief visit to share their enthusiasm of "Build the Vision" opportunity. A Campaign Brochure filled with "everything we know" about this project is presented, including, of course, the all-important pledge card.


Dr. Brearley's "Hold That Thought . . ."

March 1, 2015 Edition

I hope you will read this note with great interest and enthusiasm. The message is the same, but the details are extremely important. We are now fully ready to launch a three-week campaign emphasis that will significantly shape the future of our church. The goal is still to commit our God-given resources to "Build The Vision…" to complete the Grissom Campus.

As stated clearly before, two things need to happen for God’s work to be successful through us. First, we need for every person and family to respond in faith. Our campaign will not be complete without your response. Secondly, we need those who are able to consider making Cornerstone Gifts. Every gift of $100,000 or more (over four years) builds a strong foundation our future. If you would like to discuss this possibility, I would love to hear from you.

So the three-week window of March 8-29 is here for all of us! Let me take a moment to layout for you how this part of the capital campaign works. The easiest way for me to do so is to describe how the plan unfolds, week by week:

Week of March 8— Officers in our church (Elders and Deacons) will call upon every home in our church. Your officer will ask when he or she might stop by for a brief visit sometime during that week. Please allow them a few minutes to share their enthusiasm for this opportunity. They will also leave with you a Campaign Brochure that includes everything we know about this project. Of course, the material also includes the all-important pledge card.

Week of March 15— Please take some quality time to read and reflect upon how God is calling you to participate. The purpose, now and always, is to be faithful with our gifts. I hope you will read the entire material and offer a heart-felt prayer. The Season of Lent is most appropriate for us to discern our response. Your gift is for three years (four for tax purposes), but it is above and beyond your normal church giving.

Week of March 22— The same person who delivered your brochure will call to find a convenient time to swing back by to pick up your pledge. Please know that all pledges are sealed and remain confidential. With all pledges returned by March 29, we will celebrate Holy Week and Easter being grateful for God’s abundant grace.

On Jazz Sunday, April 12, we will celebrate our commitment to Christ’s church here at First Presbyterian. May our best efforts be blessed. And may they be a blessing!     Pea

Peace, John


"Build the Vision" Campaign Materials Prepared

February 27, 2015 - Final preparations of campaign materials are completed. A team of volunteers assembled "Build the Vision" campaign materials at the Grissom Campus. Coffee and donuts were included. Training for the campaign will be held Monday, March 2. The campaign begins Sunday, March 8.

"Thank you" to our Volunteers!







Thoughts from The Vision Team

February 22, 2015 - During the 8:45 AM service, FPC Vision Team members, Joe Jumper and Marian Graham and at the 11:00 AM worship, Mary Kate Powell and Gary Pell shared their excitement and enthusiasm with the congregation about the "Build the Vision" campaign. March 8, 2015, marks the official kick-off of the "Build the Vision" campaign.






Dr. Brearley Update from the Pulpit

January 25, 2015 - At morning worship, Dr. John Brearley addressed the congregation and introduced the upcoming "Build the Vision" campaign. Hear Dr. Brearley's message. January 25 video


"Vision for the Grissom Campus" Presented

January 11, 2015 - A huge crowd of the FPC Congregation gathered at 10:00 AM in the sanctuary of the Kings Campu. Master Planner, Allen Freeman presented the "Master Plan" to the congregation and shared the exciting news about the future of First Presbyterian Church of Myrtle Beach.

View Presentation Video


Informational Meeting Held at Grissom Campus

100+ members attend Vision Team meeting at Wilkes HallSeptember 9, 2014 - An excited crowd of more than 100 members were in attendance at Wilkes Hall on Tuesday night to discuss the next phase of the Grissom Campus. Allen Freeman led the congregational meeting as we discussed a myriad of ideas. If you missed the meeting, you can submit your ideas to one of the Vision Team members above or click on the link at the bottom of this page..



Vision Team Information Board at Kings Campus

September 1, 2014 - The Vision Team has created a message board located downstairs, near the covered drop-off entrance, at the Kings Campus. This board will be used to post frequent updates related to the next construction phase of the Grissom Campus. Please take the time to check it out next time your nearby!


Under One Roof

The challenge posed to your Vision Team is to find out what we can do with the 19 acres of land owned by Myrtle Beach First Presbyterian Church on the corner of 38th Ave N. and Robert Grissom Parkay. This is a huge opportunity for our congregation to serve God and our community from under one roof. We hope that you will join us in defining and fullfulling the vision.


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