BUILD THE FUTURE Capital Campaign


Thank you for your support of our Capital campaign. Please fill out and submit the Pledge Form below. You may also do so by mailing in your pledge form or bringing it by our Church Office.


The Sanctuary

Imagine how many wonderful worship services will one day take place in our sanctuary. In addition to our weekly opportunities to give thanks to God, there are all of the weddings, funerals, baptisms, confirmations, and the holy seasons of Christmas and Easter. Not to mention all of the community celebrations and community events that we will host!


The time has come for us to finishing paying for this magnificent facility. With the generosity of our congregation, and a large gift from The Chapin Foundation, this goal is now within our reach. Two million dollars from this campaign will complete the construction cost of our beautiful sanctuary.


The Youth Center

When we decided to build our worship space first, we knew that we would soon need a place to for our youth to call their own. This growing dimension of our church needs an activity building to house all of their varied activities—fellowship, food, service, devotion, drama, and recreation. In order to be good stewards of this multi-purpose space, it is anticipated the Growing Tree (our exceptional pre-school and kindergarten) will use part of the building on weekday mornings.


The young people placed in our care are vital to us now. They are also the foundation of our future here at FPC. A gift to this campaign ensures that our programs will remain strong for many generations yet to come.


Mission Commitments

Finally, Build The Future has a strong emphasis on mission efforts we support. Two new partnerships in particular will benefit greatly from your generosity. Thornwell, a Presbyterian outreach we have supported for years, now houses a satellite ministry on our campus. Two Thornwell staff members who use our office space work directly in this community to assist with family services and foster care. FPC has pledged volunteer labor and financial support to help meet this need along the Grand Strand.


The PC Promise, a shared scholarship program with Presbyterian College, will allow deserving students to receive an excellent education, tuition free. With the hope of sending two students to PC each year, we need funding beyond our annual budget.


An Endowed Fund For Mission will ensure the long-term future of these partnerships. One million dollars of this campaign will be marked for this purpose.


The Challenge

The clear challenge is for each of us to make sure that the future is as bright as our past. Each contribution to Build The Future will strengthen our witness for many years to come. Please consider how to use you God-given resources to this end. Your generous three-year pledge will move our church forward in faith.






Now that we have successfully launched Build The Future campaign, let me answer a few important questions:


Why now?

The simple response is because the need is now. The sooner we pay off the final construction cost of the Sanctuary, the more interest we save in our mission budget. Our youth deserve a Building that they can call their own, a place to expand their activities. An Endowed Fund for special mission projects is essential to sustain these efforts over time.


What is the actual goal?

These three parts of the campaign total six million dollars over the next three years. The larger goal is for all of us to do our part to build a strong foundation for the future of our church—one hundred percent participation is the key. The largest goal is the most obvious, for us to be faithful with the gifts we have been given.


Should I designate my gift?

Yes, if you prefer. Simply mark your pledge as Sanctuary, Youth Building, or Mission Fund. If you choose to leave your gift undesignated, it will in effect support all three components of the campaign.


When should I respond?

May is the month for our response. But there is no time like the present! Please take a moment to read the short brochure and prayerfully fill out the pledge card that will move us forward. This material should have arrived with a self-addressed stamped envelope. The same material should have arrived as an email. The brochure and response card are also posted online. Thanks for your timely (and generous) response!


Peace, John