Catching Up With Cam… New Beginnings

Catching Up With Cam… New Beginnings

Dear Friends,


Nearly four years ago, we began an incredible journey together.  It has been a distinct pleasure and a profound joy to serve in ministry alongside you at First Presbyterian Church. This has been a place where you have allowed me to grow and mature as a pastor.  We have dreamed together and served God and God’s people with faith, imagination, and love.  This is the congregation where Mary and I grew our family.  Some of Perry’s most formative years are at FPC.  Perry was baptized at that baptismal font in the Kings Sanctuary and time nor space can ever change that.  You have helped me remember my own baptism.  You have supported me when I needed it.  You have rejoiced with us when we have rejoiced.  For this and countless other memories, I give thanks to God.


A new chapter is beginning for me and my family. I have been called to serve as pastor of Topsail Presbyterian Church in Hampstead, NC.  My family and are I are so excited for this opportunity.  However in the midst of this excitement, we part ways with friends who have become like family and we give thanks for these relationships.  I have so much faith in the people and staff of FPC.  For many years, this has been the place Where Love Makes the Difference.  Indeed it is.  Indeed, this love has made a difference in my life, my ministry, and in the life of my family.


I will be at FPC until April 15. I look forward to the rest of this season of lent and the resurrection hope that greets us on Easter morning. Mary will continue on staff at The Growing Tree until the end of the school year.


Friends. Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, I wish words could adequately express the appreciation I feel for this congregation.  You have many bright, exciting, and blessing – filled days ahead as you grow and transition in your perpetual calling to welcome the stranger, feed the hungry, and remember the forgotten among us throughout the Grand Strand.  I have no doubt that you will continue to be the First Church of Myrtle Beach.


Peace be with you now and always,


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