Construction Update from John

Construction Update from John

Our last Tuesday staff meeting concluded with a tour of the new construction site. How much fun it was to see the excitement on their faces as they got a glimpse of what the final product will look like. All of the staff present were almost overwhelmed with the sanctuary. Already it has the feel of a special and sacred space. The first look is simply breath-taking!


Members of our church, of course, have the same impression. One person, who recently toured the facility for the first time, walked into the sanctuary and immediately exclaimed, “It is perfect!”After exploring the new construction area in more detail she concluded, “I wouldn’t change a single thing!”


We could not be more pleased with the efforts of many who are making this project happen. The building team continues to work countless hours to bring this phase to completion. Construction workers are on site almost around the clock to accomplish the same goal. So the obvious question (and one that is asked often) is “when will it all be finished?” Before Hurricane Florence arrived we were fairly confident of a mid-January date. Today I can simply tell you that all efforts are being taken to complete the project without compromising the quality in any way. As some have rightly said, “It will be finished in God’s good time.” Hopefully that is sooner rather than later.


While there are special dates pending for significant events in the new sanctuary, we will   only move in when everything is perfectly in place. Our excellent construction company uses the word “pristine” to describe the final product prior to our occupancy. When all punch lists are finished and all certificates are received, we will then worship in our new home.  What an amazing day that will be! Until then we will hold on to our contingency plans.  And we will give thanks for the Kings Campus that continues to meet our needs. Early in the new year we will focus on a most fond farewell…



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