Hold that Thought… December is for Giving!

Hold that Thought… December is for Giving!

It goes as no surprise that the last month of the year is always one for generosity. Whether our intent is a practical notion of final tax deductions for 2018… or a spiritual response to the Season of Christmas… our financial efforts at year’s end do more than you might realize. In this month alone we will contribute to many mission causes, fulfill our commitments for the year, and leave our building program on firm footing. Here are a few specific considerations as we share our resources during these December days.


First, strong giving this month ensures that we meet all of our church financial obligations and opportunities. Our operating budget is so much more than a balance sheet for expenses and receipts. Yes, it is good to end the year in the black as we finish one year and begin the next.  More importantly, however, is our desire to serve Christ through the wonderful causes we support.  Completing financial pledges and sharing material blessings is the sign of a generous church. If you have not had the chance to make financial pledge for next year, please do so soon.  Confidential envelopes are located in the pews or friendship pads, as well as in both church offices.


Secondly, this Season is when we receive several special offerings. There are so many worthy mission and charitable causes that deserve our support.  While our church has chosen the ones to put before us, the list is admittedly rather lengthy.  Rather than limit our choices, the outreach teams encourage us to give generously as we choose. The list includes: Thornwell Home For Children, Operation Christmas, Joy Gift, and Habitat For   Humanity.  All of these opportunities are described in our news feeds.  Between now and the end of the year, please mark your gifts accordingly.  And know that those in need are most grateful.


Finally, and most obviously, we are nearing completion on our beautiful new Grissom campus.  The current final phase brings increased construction expenses. Please know that every dollar given now (at the end 2018 or the beginning of 2019) to our building program has a huge benefit to our church.  If you can finish your financial commitment early or pre-pay your future pledge, the savings are significant. Beginning in January our costs will include interest that must be paid.  Consider your generous gifts an investment with unlimited returns!


Peace, John


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