Hold That Thought… In Case You Have Not Heard

Hold That Thought… In Case You Have Not Heard

Please allow me to offer a few words about the recent news from the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). As of Thursday, May 13, persons who are fully vaccinated are no longer required to wear masks in public gatherings. The immediate application of this pronouncement is that we can now worship without masks, once we are fully vaccinated. The obvious implication is two-fold: 1) If you have not completed the vaccination process, you should continue to wear a mask. 2) If you have completed the process, you may still continue to wear masks if you so choose. Perhaps I should add a third. 3) If you have not been vaccinated and it is medically possible for you to do so, we encourage you to take this important health precaution.


The same thoughts could be shared about social distancing. Vaccinated persons are no longer required to follow this part of the protocol. Of course, being cautious with your health and sensitive to the health of others is still most appropriate. Our Task Force, which has followed the CDC recommendations from the beginning, is comfortable with this new understanding of how we interact as a congregation. Medical data on the effectiveness of the vaccine is even better than first thought. Still, you are responsible for maintaining safe standards for yourself and others. Online worship opportunities are readily available for those who prefer that option.


How this change in our guidelines will affect various activities within the church will be the subject of our next update. For now, please be safe and sensitive to this ever-changing process. May the Spirit continue to lead us forward!




P.S. As the church takes steps to return to more normal times, we will adjust our 10@10 Devotion schedule accordingly. While the staff has enjoyed producing these daily online opportunities (and many have enjoyed receiving them), the consensus is to offer our devotions on a weekly basis beginning in June. Look for Wednesday offerings to continue in the future.

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