Hold That Thought… Special Offerings on Super Bowl Sunday!

Hold That Thought… Special Offerings on Super Bowl Sunday!

In less than two weeks I am going to do something for the second time in my ministry—offer a State of the Church address for the congregation.  The reason is rather simple. There are so many important things happening in the life of our church, I am eager to give you full updates in person.  Please plan to attend this information session on Sunday morning, February 3, at 10:00 in the sanctuary.  At that time I will give detailed reports on everything that is vital to the transition we are making from one campus to the other.  Topics will include the process for selling the Kings property, the final phase and timeline for construction, the physical move to the Grissom facility, financial status regarding loans, the on-going capital campaign to complete this major undertaking, worship and education formats for the new campus, and more.  Wow! Our collective plate has never been more full.


Knowing that there are many activities on Sunday mornings, including our excellent classes, I hope most of you will be able to join me for this thorough and transparent forum. My plan is to offer these detailed updates first, followed by plenty of time for comments and questions. All members and friends are invited (encouraged!) to attend. All of the    information I will share has been discussed and/or decided by our staff, our Session, and our Trustees. There is no doubt that these topics are worthy of our most careful attention.


Sunday, February 3, is also Super Bowl Sunday.  While the game that evening will have our focus, the morning is reserved for our Youth!  How exciting it is to have our teenagers lead us in worship through prayers, songs, drama, and personal faith statements. To hear our seniors in high school say what they believe one more time will surely inspire us. Please make a special effort to attend Early Sabbath on Thursday, January 31, or either service on February 3.  Our support of these youth is vital to them, and to us!


Finally, on Super Bowl Sunday we will receive a special offering that is especially designed for this day.  You know it well as The Souper Bowl of Caring. Some twenty years ago, my colleague and friend, Rev. Brad Smith, was offering a prayer to his church in Columbia, SC. One sentence of the prayer said, “ Lord, even as we enjoy the Super Bowl game, help us be mindful of those who are without a bowl of soup to eat.”  Since that day in 1990, hundreds of organizations have raised some $143 million to combat hunger.  At the conclusion of each service on Super Bowl Weekend, our youth with have large soup pots at the doors to receive your cash offering.  Please bring a few extra dollars on that Sunday to share.  All Souper Bowl offerings are reported nationally but distributed locally.  Thanks for supporting our youth as they serve our community!




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