Hold That Thought… Steeple Raising

Hold That Thought… Steeple Raising

All who witnessed this once-in-a-lifetime event (either in person or on social media), saw the same thing– a gorgeous steeple that was carefully and prayerfully hoisted into perfect place… with hundreds of pictures to document the five-hour process (plus an hour weather delay).  And just how amazing was the entire day?! None of us will ever forget the excitement.


That was certainly true for me.  To my complete surprise, the construction company invited me to ride up in a bucket attached to a steel cable, rising some 160 feet from the ground!   When they asked if I wanted to put the weather vane on the very top, I had to say, “Yes!” My only two questions for the crane operator concerned the weight capacity of the bucket, and the length of time we would be up there.  Once strapped into the harness, I was ready to go.  At the top, I did two things (in addition to attaching the weather vane): I took some fun pictures from high above, and I prayed to the God above, asking for this steeple to be a   beacon of light to our community.  May God bless everyone who will worship under its beauty.


Peace, John


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