Hold That Thought… Your Roving Reporter

Hold That Thought… Your Roving Reporter

Today I want to highlight two persons in the life of our church who have similar stories to tell.  These two women have volunteered in two different areas of our church for the last twenty years!  That they have both decided to take a break at the same time may be coincidental.  But their service to our church is nothing less than inspirational.  With much gratitude I share the rest of their stories…


Barbara Peterson began recruiting Communion servers some twenty years ago as part of her official responsibilities.  As Clerk of Session at that time, she had to find elders (before we had Deacons) who were able and willing to lead worship in this way. After some training was completed, Barbara spent hours on the phone searching for those who could serve on each designated Sunday.  It got easier over time.  One of her secrets was “not to start too early and not to start too late.” Too early and they would forget. Too late and you might come up short.  Barbara says her greatest joy in recruiting servers was making new friends, persons whom she otherwise might never have met.  Going forward, Brian P’Pool (8:45) and Don Stevens (11:00) will help with this important task.  The joke, of course, is that it takes two men to replace one woman!


Johann McCrackin began directing our Prayer Chain some twenty years ago because of personal interest.  The Chain was still in its early stages of development when Johann requested prayer for a member of her family. She soon learned of just how vital this    ministry is to our church.  A few months later, Johann volunteered to help the Director (in those early days, Martha Gregg), computerize the program.  A few more months later, Martha had to step down from her position.  When Johann asked who was going to take over   leadership for the Prayer Chain, she answered her own question!  Believing strongly in the power of prayer, Johann points out that this power affects both the person praying and the person for whom prayer is offered. Her leadership for the last twenty years, she says, “was never a task, but truly a joy!”  Becky Warren will now make sure that this ministry remains strong for the future.


On a different note, Tammy and I will be leading a church group of 34 persons to Spain and Portugal from April 17-27.  Once a year, usually around this time, we take a trip abroad.  And we invite anyone who would like to go with us.  As much as we enjoy going, we will be equally excited to return!


Peace, John


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