Hold That Thought… Annual Report

Hold That Thought… Annual Report

In these pages you will find that 2017 was really a rather remarkable year.  All aspects of our church life were blessed with good energy and enthusiasm.  Our participation levels were strong in programs for children, youth, and adults.  Worship services in various styles (traditional, blended, and contemporary) proved to attract members and visitors, alike. People continued to unite with our fellowship where love and joy abound.  Educational opportunities became a renewed emphasis, especially in the area of small group ministries.  Outreach into our community, and beyond,  demonstrated once again that mission is the heartbeat of our congregation.


Two further observations should be noted here.  One is most obvious, while the other is not.  It almost goes without saying that we are under construction.  Life on the Grissom Campus changes daily as our buildings take shape.  With rooflines formed and walls completed, it is easy to imagine what the outside will look like.  Even as I write the long process of laying brick has begun. Soon attention will turn to the careful and complex interior that will house our worship, music, and study.  Everywhere I go in this community, people share their excitement for this project.  Our hope is that many of them will walk through these doors with us when construction is completed later this year.  My sense is that will indeed be the case if we invite them!


What may not be as visible is still vitally important for us as we prepare for this major transition.  Members of our congregation were extremely generous during this past year.  Giving to our Building Fund continued at a strong level.  People have been paying their pledges regularly, and additional gifts arrive periodically.  Each contribution represents a commitment for which we are grateful!  In addition, both giving to our annual operating budget for 2017 and our pledged support for 2018 (Love Boat) reached record highs.


As we prepare to move from one campus to the other, please be thinking of creative ways we can celebrate our beloved history at the Kings facility.  Consider how we might bring our sacred memories and our future hopes with us to our new home.  May the mission and ministry of Christ be our singular focus, then and now.


Finally, be in prayer that God will lead us to the group that will purchase our downtown campus.  While we would like for the Kings Campus to continue to be used for the good of our community, we know that God is in control of that conversation.  As the writer of Proverbs reminds us, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own insight.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will direct your paths.”



Thanks be to  God…

Peace, John


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