Hold That Thought… Construction Updates

Hold That Thought… Construction Updates


Both our songs and our scriptures speak of having a firm foundation for our faith.  Today we are witnessing a firm foundation that is being poured for the new phase of the Grissom Campus.  As pictured here, the    concrete slab is finished on the educational wing.  Most of the sanctuary foundation should be completed by the time you read this construction update!  After a few more important tasks are completed in the next few weeks, our buildings will begin to go vertical!  These steps toward completion are being well documented, but if you are by Grissom take a look for yourself.  Concrete block now shows the outline of the new sanctuary!


As I mentioned in church the other day, this project is going quite well.  When I said that we are now in the planning phase of the final details, that is correct.  The Building Team is meeting often to look at the small items that need attention—what kind of locks to put on which doors, what color stain to put on the pews, what size light fixtures fit the scope and scale of our new buildings, where to put electrical outlets in the classrooms, etc.  The construction drawings are being reviewed in great detail virtually every day!  Note, however, that the planning of these final details does not mean that the end is near.  This project is a long process that will still takes months to complete.  When pressed for a possible date of completion, the preferred answer is that God only knows (which is always the case)!  A best guess answer from a building perspective is sometime in late 2018.


The other part of this update is also good news.  Impact Ministries, a local mission for many years, is still optimistic about purchasing the Kings Campus.  This outreach ministry is actively seeking funds for this purpose.  The best-case scenario, for both parties, is for Impact to buy the campus when funds are available.  First Presbyterian would then lease back some of the facilities until we move onto our new campus late next year.  The interns we hosted for Impact this summer were  delightful.  Know they were grateful for the hospitality they received. Please be in prayer for God to continue to bless these exciting efforts.


Peace, John




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