Hold That Thought… Gathered Around The Same Table

Hold That Thought… Gathered Around The Same Table

This weekend is one of my favorite religious observances of the year!  As suggested by its name, World Communion is celebrated by virtually every Christian community in the entire world.  Think about the reality of this statement.  Every  denomination… every non-denomination… every language… every culture… every time zone… every location… will pause to break a common loaf of bread and to pour a common cup.  And we will all do so in the name of Jesus Christ!


That, my friends, is worth celebrating. Every time we come to the Table we imagine that everyone is invited to partake.  This weekend it actually happens. The first  Sunday of October is always designated as World Communion.  It is the day when we confess that our differences and our diversity are a gift from God.  And we can see ourselves sitting at Table with people who are much like us, and with those who are not.  Knowing that everyone, without exception, will gather together is a statement of faith like no other. And it is a display of unity that gives witness to our world. What a celebration we have in store for us, for sure!


Of course, I believe we experience the presence of Christ every time we gather at this Table.  For that reason, I am delighted to share a recent action of our Session.  The Worship Committee of our church had been discussing how often we might celebrate this important sacrament. Noting its place in the life of our faith, and the practice of most other Presbyterian churches, they recommended to our Session that we celebrate Communion on a monthly basis.  Years ago we held this sacrament every three months.  More recently we came to together at Table every other month.  Now, we believe, it is time to meet monthly for this purpose.


Please note that beginning in January, both our 8:45 and 11:00 Sunday services will celebrate Communion on the second Sunday of each month. Our Early Sabbath service will continue to offer Communion on the fourth Thursday.  I hope that each of us will benefit from the blessing that comes as we share Table together.  To do so is to experience the meal Christ gives to all  disciples, in all places, now and forever.






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