Hold That Thought… A Little Business

Hold That Thought… A Little Business

This note has more of a business feel to it than most I write. Two items are of particular interest.  First, you are to be commended for your excellent stewardship during recent months.  Year-end giving was once again really strong.  So much so, in fact, for the first time in many years, we finished 2017 with a nice surplus.  These savings will enable us to have a small contingency for this coming year, helping especially in the area of cash flow.


In addition, our Love Boat Campaign was also most positive.  Your financial commitments for 2018 allow for a budget that is right at two million dollars. Significantly, this budget includes everything our committees requested in order to    cover their needs, as well as a 3% salary increase for staff (2.5 % for fulltime ordained ministers).  This balanced budget includes debt service on our current loan, as well!


The Session has called our Annual Congregational Meeting for Sunday, March 11, at 10:30 in the Sanctuary.  Business to be addressed at this meeting is as follows: 1) Election of Elders, Deacons, and Trustee.  2) Approval of the change in financial terms of call for the three full-time ordained ministers.  3) Report from the Building Committee.  4) Other business as needed.


The other item of special note is the process by which we will sell the Kings Campus. We continue to be in conversation with interested parties.  To date, we have no commitments or contracts to this end.  From this point forward, our Trustees will be the persons who facilitate the transition.  Elected by our congregation to transact such business, the trustees (Bob Bethune, Lucia Gore, Ronald Hendrix, Winston Hoy, Jim McCrackin, and Joey Singleton) will meet regularly until this process has been completed.


Once they have a have a recommendation to make, the Trustees will ask the Session to call a Congregational Meeting for this purpose.  At that time you will discuss and vote to approve the sale of this property.  Until then, please be in prayer that God will lead us to the next group that will own the Kings Campus.  And please make suggestions for our Trustees to entertain.  All help is greatly appreciated!


Peace, John


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