Hold That Thought… Love Boat Ready to Launch!

Hold That Thought… Love Boat Ready to Launch!

The upcoming launch of the Love Boat this week offers us a great opportunity.  If you are unfamiliar with this model for our financial stewardship season, let me explain briefly.  Beginning October 17, this boat will be sailing throughout our communities.  A member of our church will deliver a duffle bag (complete with Log Book!) to each home within our congregation.  Our responsibility is to read the written materials carefully, to pray for the appropriate level of commitment, and to respond accordingly.



When the logbook comes to your house, please follow the simple directions carefully.  From my experience, there are a couple of keys.  The first is communication.  Please let the first mate know when you have passed the logbook to the next person on the list.  The other key is to be prompt.  The goal is to have the logbook in your home for 24 hours or less.  If we keep the logbook moving forward, amazingly all members of our church are contacted within a three-week window.  More amazingly, if everyone responds with a generous pledge, the mission of our church remains strong.



Please use your foundation gift from last year  (if it is not your first Love Boat!) as your starting point for this year’s commitment.  My hope is that all of us are approaching the biblical standard of tithing, or giving ten percent of our income to God’s work.  The promise for such a generous pledge is the joy that comes from being faithful with our  resources.  Many members are trying to reach this level by taking a step forward each year.



Finally, know how grateful we are for all the volunteers who help this boat sail!  This effort could not happen without the more than 100 people (Admirals, Captain, and First Mates) who will help navigate its course.  Know, as well, how grateful we are for your support of First Presbyterian with your time, your talent, and your material resources.  We are blessed to be a blessing!




P.S. Please note that some homes will need to be contacted by mail. If yours is one of them, know that you did not really miss the boat!


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