Hold That Thought… Sharing the Christmas Story

Hold That Thought… Sharing the Christmas Story

How do we find balance during the busiest Season of the year?  How do we keep our priorities in place when we are pulled in every possible direction?  The search for the perfect blend is a challenge for us as individuals, and for us as a church.  If you look at the full Advent Calendar that is included in these pages, the answer we are seeking may well be found.  The church, at its best, is always a rhythm between worship and witness, music and mission.  This busy Season is no exception.


The month of December is filled with opportunities to serve our community.  Already, our youth and adults worked hand in hand to host Operation Christmas.  The joy on the faces of those who were served was amazing.  The joy on the faces of those who served was even greater.   In the next few weeks we will receive several special offerings for causes that are special to us, including Habitat For Humanity on Christmas Eve.  Our entire offering that night (unless otherwise noted as your regular pledge) will go to this important mission.


But for many, and perhaps for you as well, it is music that makes the Christmas message come alive.  How blessed we are to have bands and choirs that work so hard to share this Season. Below are pictures from the Lovefeast.  The whole night seemed to glow with the Spirit! In the next weeks our choirs will lead us in special services,  as we celebrate with Lessons and Carols (Early Sabbath) and the Christmas Cantata (both Sunday services).


Please note the adjusted schedule for Christmas Eve Sunday.  Since December 24 is a Sunday this year, the Worship Committee decided the following: 


Morning—11:00 Blended Service in the Fellowship Hall (10:30 Coffee)

Evening —5:00, 7:00, 9:00 in the Sanctuary (as in recent years)


May we savor every moment of this most special Season!


Peace, John


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