Hold That Thought… Taiwan

Hold That Thought… Taiwan

A small delegation from our church will represent us on the mission field this coming week. We will be traveling to Taiwan to experience the work of one of our missionaries, Reverend John McCall.


About twenty-five years ago, I became friends with John through an annual conference at Montreat, NC.  As Pastor at the Black Mountain Presbyterian Church, John was well-respected and well-loved.  After serving his church faithfully and well, as a surprise to many of us, this talented minister announced that he felt called to be a missionary in        Taiwan!  He sold his belongings and packed his bags.  His first two years in the field were spent learning a much different language and culture.  His long tenure of service has included teaching, preaching, and leading pastors and lay ministers of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan.


About five months ago, John McCall invited representatives from his supportive congregations to join him on a pilgrimage in order to experience his work and ministry there.  Our church responded to this gracious invitation and formed a small delegation consisting of four people – Howard Barnard, John Neely, Jim Watson and myself.  As you may know, Howard recently suffered an injury while on a fishing trip, and we regret he will not be able to participate. He will travel with us in spirit!


While in Taiwan, a group of fifteen travelers from several churches will work closely with John McCall.  We will experience his teaching in a seminary in Taipei, and we will explore congregational life in the more rural and remote parts of the country.  These opportunities are designed to be a pilgrimage in which we grow in faith and fellowship.


When we return, there will be stories to share, no doubt.  We will offer our first-hand experience of John’s dedicated work and witness. Please be in prayer for safe travel and good health along the way.


As we prepare for this pilgrimage, we thank God for the church we represent, and for The Chapin Foundation’s generous grant that makes this experience possible.




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