Hold That Thought… A Taiwanese Pilgrimage

Hold That Thought… A Taiwanese Pilgrimage

Three representatives from our church (John Neely, Jim Watson, and I) traveled half way around the world for the experience of a lifetime.  It took us a day and a half to get there, and another day and a half to get back, but it was the week in between that we will never forget.  With pastors and elders from seven PC(USA) churches, we bonded in faith and fellowship during this incredible journey.  Ask any of us what we treasured most about our time in Taiwan, and we will share endless stories and pictures.


For all of us, the one aspect of this  experience that stands alone is the people.  We began by visiting the national headquarters of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan (pictured here with various leaders of their mission and ministry). Our pilgrimage among these amazing people included staying in one of the aboriginal villages in the mountains (with worship on Sunday morning!), visiting the seminary where John teaches leaders of local congregations, and sharing retreat with 14 Taiwanese pastors from throughout the country.  Every hour created yet another highlight of our trip!


While it is impossible to convey the depth of experience we felt, it is possible to thank you for your support.  We are grateful for your prayers as we shared life and faith with persons of a far different culture.  We learned, from the moment we arrived, that their gift of hospitality is  example for us all.  No doubt, their contagious faith will continue to bring persons into relationship with Christ.  Equally certain is the love we will hold for them from this day forward.


Peace (Ping-on),



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