We are so happy to return to indoor worship! Our COVID Task Force has given the approval to move forward with limited capacity worship that follows the CDC guidelines. With your help and patience, we are excited to offer indoor worship and hope we can work together to make it as safe as possible for our members.


Registration Opens at 9:00 AM on Wednesdays
and closes when we are at capacity.

Please select which service you’d like to register for:

If you are unable to register online, please contact the church office to register: 843-448-4496
Both services will continue to be streamed online regardless if our registration is full.
Thank you for your understanding!

How will church be different?

Returning to church will be meaningful but different. Here are a few things to expect:

  • Everyone must wear a mask. If you cannot comply with this guideline, we ask that you worship with us from home.
  • The service will include praise, prayer, and proclamation, but there will not be any singing or reciting by the congregation.
  • Bibles and hymnals have been temporarily removed. The Order of Worship will be available on our front screens during worship and no bulletins will be passed out. You may follow along on your smartphone or device if you like.
  • We will not pass friendship pads, offering plates, or communion elements. On Communion Sundays you will be handed a packet as you arrive. Offering plates will be placed at each door as you leave.
  • Trained attendants will be on hand to guide us to our seats. We will fill from the front to the back so please do not expect to sit in your regular seat. Those days will return later!
  • We ask that everyone practice social distancing while in the building.

What services are offered in-person and online?


9:00 AM Contemporary Worship
led by Rev. Nathan See


11:00 AM Worship
led by Rev. Dr. John C. Brearley


If you didn’t register in time or are not willing to be in-person yet, both of our services will always be streamed online HERE.

Who should attend?

We’d love to see all of our members but if you have any concerns like the ones listed here, we invite you to keep streaming at home with us!

  • If you are concerned about being in a public gathering
  • If you have a compromised health condition
  • If you cannot follow the guidelines above to enhance the safety of all our participants
  • If you are sick or have a fever, we please ask you to stay home and watch online.

As a final reminder, we ask that social distancing be observed (which is difficult for Presbyterians!) and that masks be worn inside (which is necessary for all of us). - John