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PCUSA church in the Myrtle Beach area is seeking a Business Administrator to oversee and coordinate general church administrative operations, to include finance and personnel responsibilities as well as property management oversight. This position supervises all accounting activities, works with the Session to create and manage the annual budget. The non-pastoral staff reports to this position. This is a 20 hour a week salaried position.


The successful Candidate should have an accounting or business degree with 5 years’ work experience with emphasis in accounting management; work well with groups within the church congregation as well as outside vendors and financial institutions; have some experience managing staff; and have a congenial, outgoing personality that fosters positive relationships.


Deadline to submit resumes is July 26,2019.
Please email resumes to



The Chancel Choir Director’s purpose is to assist musicians to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ through providing music during traditional worship services on Sunday morning and special occasions. The Chancel Choir Director is employed by the Session and is under the supervision of the Senior Minister of the church.


  1. Select/provide for appropriate instrumental, choral, ensemble, congregational or other music in cooperation with the Minister and Worship Committee for regularly scheduled worship services.
  2. Select/provide for appropriate instrumental, choral, ensemble, congregational or other music in cooperation with the Minister, Organist, and Worship Committee for additional services during the year: i.e. Ash Wednesday, selected Holy Week Services, Thanksgiving, Love Feast, Christmas Eve, etc.
  3. Reasonable availability to provide music for memorial services as requested in advance and for a predetermined stipend.
  4. Responsible for approval of memorial and wedding music performed in First  Presbyterian Church that is not religious music.
  5. Responsible for approval of music performed at Fine Arts, Concerts, other performances in First Presbyterian Church that is not religious music.
  6. Select all music and music supplies necessary for leading and supporting worship services within the approved budget.
  7. Oversee tuning and maintenance of the organ and piano(s) within the structure of the approved budget.
  8. Maintain the music library in an orderly fashion by working with volunteers to catalog and file music, and preparing music selections for choir distributions.
  9. Maintain all necessary licenses and reporting activities for music projection and reproduction.
  10. Lead weekly choir rehearsals for sufficient preparation and training for worship and special occasion choral presentations. Rehearsals scheduled on Wednesday evenings and pre-service on Sunday mornings.
  11. Hire musicians as necessary for fulfilling the goals of the music ministry set within the approved budget of the church.
  12. Submit written annual budget goals for the music ministry to the Business Manager/Finance Committee.
  13. Provide budget information and evaluation of the music ministry to the Financial Accountant and/or Business Manager on a regular basis as required.
  14. Attend weekly staff meetings.
  15. Attend retreats as requested by the Minister.
  16. Attend monthly Worship Committee meetings.
  17. Meet weekly, or as required, with the Organist.
  18. Network with other colleagues in the Horry County music community through such programs as the American Guild of Organists, ecumenical events, etc.


  1. Familiarity, understanding and acceptance of Presbyterian theological perspective.
  2. Bachelor’s degree in music or 5 years’ related experience.
  3. Flexibility and collegiality, with leadership ability to work with and inspire volunteer Choral Musicians, Organist, Pianist, other musicians.
  4. Manage an efficient choir practice, ensuing music is in order with copies for choir members and accompanists.
  5. Choose music selection in advance and communicate to Director of Communications in a timely manner.
  6. Organization and preparation to provide rehearsal opportunities well in advance of a planned presentation.
  7. Interpretation skills and creativity for producing results with music selections, with a good ear to achieve balance between voices and instruments.
  8. Ability to inspire all musicians to reach their potential, performing in worship services to the glory of God with confidence in their music ministry.
  9. High level of overall musicianship with proficiency in at least one performance area, such as keyboard, organ, piano, choral or voice.


If interested in this part-time position, please reach out to