PC Promise

WELCOME to the PC Promise Scholarship Program. We are very excited about our partnership with Presbyterian College. To apply for the scholarship, please click below.

The Promise

  • The PC Promise is a partnership between PC and FPC that provides tuition-free scholarships. Each year the church pledges financial support which will enable deserving students to attend Presbyterian College.


  • Each scholarship is renewable for four years. The student (or family) would only be responsible for room, board, and fees.


  • In addition, this non-tuition amount remains constant at the first year rate.


  • In short, students awarded these scholarships will receive over three-fourths of the total cost to attend this outstanding school.


  • The intent is for one of these students to be an active participant of FPC. Another student would most likely be chosen from the wider community.

The Application

  1. Formally apply to Presbyterian College
  2. Receive Admission from PC
  3. Complete the PC Promise Application from the link above
  4. Deadline if February 15
  5. All applicants will be contacted. Awards will be granted no later than March 15.