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Thank you!


As promised, here is an update on the current capital campaign, Building Lives. The good news is that there is much good news to share! Our church is responding well to this opportunity. The goal, as you may well know, is to raise the funds necessary to build the FPC Life Center, a recreational facility for youth, children, and seniors (indeed, for all of us!). Today I can tell you that we are well on our way to making this much-needed facility become a reality.

So where do we stand financially? This phase of the building campaign has a goal of 4.3 million dollars. We were confident that if we received around 300 pledges, we would be able to move forward. To date, we have received 239 cards and $3,367,000 in total commitment. This number includes pledges and cash (some people chose to make a one-time gift).

So what happens next? If you do the math, we are still some 60 cards short of the goal. If you have not had an opportunity to fill out a card, please do so soon. Simply indicate your giving amount for the next two years (three for tax purposes) and return it to the church— by mail, offering plate, or baskets in the Narthex and Wilkes Hall. You may also respond online if that is easier for you. With all cards in hand, we will be able to build! Please know that we are grateful for every gift, large or small. Your willingness to build a strong faith for future generations is an even greater blessing.

When will this building break ground? Let me give you the “best case scenario.” If (no, when!) we receive the last commitments, we will be ready to launch. A million dollars in May is quite possible for our congregation. So please make your response now, or at least by the end of this month. On June 3, our Session will tally all the results and make the important decision that awaits. Our Building team is also working on construction drawings and permitting, even as I write. If all goes well, we will be moving dirt by late summer!

Thank you for your support of this amazing cause. Together, we can make it happen!

Peace, John



Starting From Strength — The first word of what is likely the final large phase of our building campaign is one of gratitude. Without the generosity of this congregation, we would not have built this beautiful new campus. If you have reached your maximum level of giving to this cause, please do not feel any pressure to do more. Simply know that your efforts are most appreciated! There is no doubt that we have the additional resources necessary to do something extra special for our youth, our children, and our senior adults in the coming months. All of us will benefit from this new building. Still, meeting these recreational needs with this facility is a significant challenge for our church.


The good news is that we are starting this phase from a position of strength. Our annual giving continues to be strong, a testimony to our membership. The general campaign we had a year and a half ago served us well. That effort, plus two grants from the Kings Campus, raised funds in three vital areas of these amounts: Debt Relief ($600,000), Mission ($900,000), Activities Building ($2,800,000). Though we have almost three million dollars in cash and pledges as we begin this final phase, the reality is that the scope of the project and the cost of construction have risen. While the original estimate was around 5 million, that number is closer to 7 million today. The better news, as you will see, is that this number is within our reach. Please be in prayer for this faithful effort, and for your participation this coming spring.


The Need Is Now — What you may not know is just how much we need this recreational building in the life of our church. When we built the new sanctuary some five years ago (hard to believe), we said that we would add this building for our youth as soon as possible. That we currently have around 100 teenagers participating on Sunday nights is remarkable. We are so blessed by their number and their spirit! In order for them to thrive in the future, this building is needed now. Our youth will use this facility primarily on nights and weekends. But our church is growing in other areas, as well. Our smaller children in the Growing Tree will have PE in the mornings, and our kindergarten will enjoy two new classrooms. You may not be surprised to know that the fastest growing activities in our church are for senior adults, who will have fellowship gatherings in the afternoons. In short, The new FPC Life Center will be used morning, noon, and night!


Two important teams are in place to help make this facility a reality. The first is the Building Team. Charged with construction of this building, these eight people have been working hard for the past several months. The goal is to design a recreational structure that is functional, attractive, and affordable. Working closely in a design-build with our architect (Derrick Mozingo) and our general contractor (Dargan Construction), this team is making great progress. You will be pleased with their efforts! The other group, our Campaign Committee, is preparing to raise necessary funding to support this construction. If you have done the math, with three million dollars in hand, we hope to secure commitments for an additional four million to complete the project. With several lead gifts already in place (and more on the way!), this number is, once again, within our reach. The churchwide effort for this purpose will take place March 3-24.


A Window Of Opportunity — Knowing that this project was months in the making, in October our Session unanimously gave its approval to move forward. In fact, they used a term that is most appropriate. The FPC Life Center has now been “greenlighted” as a priority in the life of our church. All systems are now on go! We have designated the first few months of the year to tackle this task. Early in 2024 you will learn more and more about this effort. Our two teams, Building and Funding, are literally working hand-in-hand to make this dream a reality.


The timeline is as follows: In January and February the Funding Team will be calling for lead gifts. The hope is to secure support from individuals, and estates, that will underwrite half of the four million needed for construction. In March, our entire congregation will be given the opportunity to commit the other half. At the same time, our Building Team will be working hard to finalize plans. Detailed drawings and permitting will be part of this process. If all goes well, we could potentially break ground in late spring and begin moving dirt this summer. It is hard to imagine a more exciting first half of the new year!


Every Gift Counts — On a practical level, it is perhaps more important that we give than the actual size of our gift. Somehow God takes all of our faithful gifts and multiples them to accomplish great goals. All phases of all financial campaigns, including this one, are dependent on the responses of many people. Of course, for this building to become reality, a few larger lead gifts will be needed, as well. We hope that you will consider being one of those who make the needs of our youth, children, and seniors a highest priority in your giving plans. Perhaps you have been blessed for this purpose.


These conversations to raise the remaining four million dollars will continue through the month of February. Then, in order to encourage everyone to participate, materials will be delivered to your doorstep (or by mail if you are out of town) during the first week of March. The short window of March 3-24 will be the full and final focus for this effort. Please be in prayer for your appropriate response at that time, if not before. Please note, as well, that all new gifts to Building Lives are intended to be above and beyond our annual giving to the operating budget of the church. Most importantly, trust that this investment is one of the best we can possibly make… all to the Glory of God.


Peace, John


Point of Clarification — When several ask the same question, it is always good to offer a clear answer. As you do know, we are actively entering the last big phase of the capital campaign to build this campus. This month, and next, we are asking people to financially support the much-needed, exciting recreational facility for our youth, children, and senior adults (though the entire church will use it on a regular basis). The FPC Life Center will transform the programs we can offer for all ages.


The question: “So what if I am currently giving to one of the former phases?” The answer: “Continue to honor that commitment.” This new phase is for new dollars for this specific recreational building. The last phase of the Campaign (Build The Future) also contributed to the Life Center. This current phase completes the task. Some people are continuing their giving pattern for two more years. Others are making an additional gift. Please know that there is no obligation to do so. Simply give as you are led, with joy and gratitude!