Vision Team


Thank you for visiting! We are currently under construction on the expansion of the Myrtle Beach First Presbyterian Church Grissom Campus.
Let us know if we can answer any questions for you!

FPC Vision Team Members

Elizabeth Benton

Stuart Butler

Jan Conrad

Chip Cox

Marian Graham

Roger Grigg

Gary Hadwin

CLICK HERE to see our Building Plans

Larry Hartsell

Ronald Hendrix

Mike Hogan

Danny Issac

Joe Jumper

Jim McCrackin

Gary Pell

Mary Kate Powell

Elizabeth Springs

Jeff Wallen

Becky Warren

Tom Whitaker

Dr. John Brearley

CHURCH MEMBERS: If you’d like to share thoughts with our team, please email them here:

Read JOHN’S LETTER about the Grissom Construction.

CONTRIBUTE to the Building Fund.